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    To remove the heat
    Electronics and heat are like fire and water. In order to safely dissipate the heat from components and assemblies and to minimize failures due to overheating, SEIFERT electronic has been realizing application-specific heat sinks for over 50 years, precisely matched to the respective requirements and operating conditions.

    Under the ambiguous slogan “The Heat S(th)ink Company”, we manufacture “Quality Made in Germany” at our Ennepetal location on a good 4500 square meters – from PC-board small heat sinks to high-performance fan units to liquid coolers. Thanks to a high vertical range of manufacture and experienced engineering, Seifert is able to meet the most diverse customer requirements flexibly and quickly.

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    From the conception, through production, to the delivery of the heat sinks – with our comprehensive range of services, we deliver customized heat sinks that meet the requirements.

    Use our extensive knowledge in the areas: design of cooling profiles, thermal design, manufacturing, assembly, packaging and delivery.

    Benefit from our many years of experience in the fields of: mechanical production, surface finishing and special solutions.

    Use our services for economical cooling solutions …

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    Heat sink solutions for the safe, effective and economical cooling of components and devices are the core competence of Seifert electronic.

    The product groups PC-board elements, standard heat sinks, high-performance heat sinks and heat sinks for forced cooling form the focus of the product range – sensibly supplemented by products from the areas of disc cell cooling, thermal conductivity and insulation products as well as sockets.

    In addition to the extensive standard range, the implementation of special heat sinks takes up ever more space.

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