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    Innovative ideas for
    individual heat sinks.

    From the conception to the production and delivery of the heat sinks – with our comprehensive range of services we supply individual heat sinks made to measure to meet the requirements.

    Take advantage of our extensive knowledge in the areas of design of cooling profiles, thermal design, manufacturing, assembly, packaging and delivery.

    Benefit from our many years of experience in the fields of mechanical manufacturing, surface finishing and special solutions.

    Use our services for economical cooling solutions…


    Idea & Concept

    If you have found a standard product for your application among our cooling solutions, we will be happy to advise you on the possibilities of processing and using this cooling solution.

    If you cannot find what you are looking for in the standards, please contact us so that we can provide technical support and explore the possibilities for your individual cooling solution. We have access to many profiles, so-called free profiles, and can therefore offer further options…


    We provide assistance and experience in the thermal design or the design of extruded profiles for heat sinks.

    Use our knowledge for the economic design of thermally optimized heat sinks. We will be pleased to advise you on the way to the correct dimensioning of your heat sink…

    Standards & product offering

    Seifert offers a comprehensive product range of heat sinks and accessories in the field of component cooling. Many standard profiles and solutions are
    available in our catalogue and may be interesting for your cooling task.

    Get an overview of the technical possibilities with punching and bending coolers, profiles or assembly solutions…


    For your experimental setups and tests we manufacture your prototypes or samples according to your drawings.

    For some applications we supply profiles in blank aluminium or black anodised as sections (sawn + brushed)…


    Seifert offers all conceivable production stages from the unmachined profile section to the completely machined heat sink with surface finishing and assembly.

    Screwed or pressed-in threaded inserts or bolts, welding, assembly, foamed-in seals, applied TIM materials and special tests are daily business in manufacturing…


    All Seifert products are professionally packed for shipping. Special care is taken to protect the processed semiconductor surfaces.

    Various product and packaging markings with barcodes or Data Matrix are just as much a part of Seifert‘s shipping and logistics services as customer-specific packaging and shipping forms…