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    Extend the benefits of your heat sinks with our special solutions from heat sink production.

    Whether assembly, special manufacturing processes such as pressing technology or surface refinement – Seifert creates added value beyond the normal cooling solution.

    Below are just a few examples from the everyday production of Seifert electronic.

    Seifert solutions for your individual heat sink…

    Thread inserts

    Thread inserts increase the load capacity of threads. Seifert assembles various types of inserts such as wire threads, self-tapping threaded inserts, press-in bolts or nuts and thus extends the range of mounting options if required…


    The assembly of fastening elements, threaded inserts, fans, air baffles, pressure chambers or the preassembly with TIM materials or components extend the range of services around the heat sink…

    Pressed in pins

    For many PC-board heatsinks Seifert offers variants with pressed-in solder pins for rational mounting on boards. Well solderable, tin-plated brass  sleeves, optionally with or without attached insulations, make mounting practical and easy, especially in combination with mounting clips…

    Partial anodising

    Partial anodising is a functional extension of anodising. Anodising-free areas or the combination of different coating processes such as anodising and chromating extend the possibilities for mounting and contacting the heat sinks…


    Durch das Verpressen von Einzellamellen zu Hochleistungskühlkörpern der Bauserie Vario oder das Fügen von Kühlkörperhälfte zu kompakten Kühlern für forcierte Kühlung erweitert Seifert den Leistungsbereich in Regionen, wo herkömmliche Kühlprofile an ihre Grenzen stoßen…


    Joining by welding – whether for the production of cooler geometries with dimensions deviating from the standard or the attachment of conductor rails or fastening elements – Seifert expands the possibilities. For railway applications we manufacture according to railway standard DIN EN 15085…