High-performance heat sinks

Forcing of maximum air cooling

The high-performance heat sinks of the Vario and DKL series have been given quite the fin-ish. Their flexible design creates the smallest possible fin spacing and thus the largest possible cooling surface.

High-performance heat sinks from Seifert electronic have been developed exclusively for forced cooling. The powerful heat sinks of the Vario and DKL series stand out for their large cooling surfaces. The fin design allows fin spacings to be created that cannot be implemented with conventional extruded profiles. Thanks to a maximized surface area while keeping the weight the same, a high-performance heat sink delivers above-average cooling performance per unit volume.

Modular and flexible

The high-performance heat sinks have a flexible modular design. Individual profiles are strung together to create the desired high-performance heat sink. Thanks to the variable configuration of length and width, we can easily adapt the individual heat sink to the available installation space. Possible widths for mounting one, two or three fans can also result from the grid. We recommend using pressure chambers for a better flow of air. Modular high-performance heat sinks are suitable for mounting on both sides, as the heat sink base and fins form a single unit. They are suitable for use with 60 mm to 120 mm fans and are manufactured in widths of up to 364 mm depending on the profile. The two smooth side surfaces of the modular Seifert DKL heat sinks can be used as mounting surfaces for other components.

Patented pressing geometry

We at Seifert electronic have had our specially developed pressing geometry patented. The individual fins are precisely cold-pressed to form a heat sink – without adhesive. In the finned heat sinks, heat is conducted from the base and directly into the fins – without the thermal transition you have with press-fit fins in a fixed base. Individual fastening holes can be drilled in the pressed, face-milled base. The lateral end fins are suitable for fastening the cooler or as additional mounting surfaces.

Individual finned heat sinks

and as profiles open on one side. You can be flexible when choosing the length, and the width can be selected within the grid. If you cannot find the right product among the high-performance heat sinks in our product catalog right away, please do not hesitate to contact us.

hanks to the modular system, customized high-performance heat sinks can also be implemented. We manufacture a specific finned heat sink – complete with CNC machining – for your optimized forced cooling. Small quantities or samples for prototype construction are also possible at economical conditions.

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Our high-performance heat sinks