Forced cooling

Compact appearance in fan operation

Seifert electronic offers compact fan units in various performance classes for forced cooling. The variable fin spacing in the high-performance heat sinks ensures powerful cooling during fan operation.

Forced convection (forced cooling) requires fans as a separate convection source. The heat sink profiles should be installed so that optimum convection can develop during fan operation. The fin spacing of heat sink profiles is of particular interest here. Increasing the surface area is the method of choice for forced cooling. In order to increase it further and further, we have even continued to reduce the fin spacing of our profiles.

At Seifert, we like to empower our customers to do everything technically feasible. With us, you will benefit from many years of experience – whether in the field of mechanical production or surface finishing. We love to give our ice-cold touch to the design of unprecedented special solutions.

Fan units made to measure

Do you want a 60 mm, 80 mm or 120 mm fan installed? Regardless of the size you choose, the fans can be mounted directly on the heat sink. The dimensions of the heat sinks in our Vario and DKL series range from 45 mm to 300 mm in width and 62 mm to 120 mm in height. We manufacture the profiles using various pressing technologies – including our proprietary and patented pressing geometry. A continuous base with a fixed width per profile is implemented for the mounting surface.

Depending on the design, up to three fans per cooler are possible, which can also be supplied with optional pressure chambers for an improved flow of air. Most of the heat sinks are already equipped with flow-optimized hollow fins. Air baffles are also available for some cooling profiles to direct the flow of air.

Everything from a single source

Precisely face-milled, CNC-machined or pre-mounted with fans as a compact unit made of standard material – we will supply you with the high-performance heat sink you need for your forced cooling. Thanks to the modular system, customized high-performance heat sinks can also be implemented. For example, we manufacture a finned heat sink that can be used specifically for forced cooling – complete with CNC machining and the desired surface treatment. Smaller quantities or samples for prototype construction are also possible at economical conditions.

If you cannot immediately find what you are looking for in our product catalog, please do not hesitate to contact us. In addition to our high-performance heat sinks from the Vario and DKL series, we also manufacture your desired cooler for forced cooling using a modular principle. Thanks to the extensive variety of profiles in our standard range, we can satisfy almost any heat sink requirement.

We are more than happy to advise you and will not try and force anything – besides your cooling of course.

Our forced cooling