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Maximum heat dissipation using PC heat sinks on the smallest board space

No cooling task is too tiny for us. Which is why Seifert electronic GmbH offers customized heat sinks for use in the PCB area – precisely dimensioned and flexibly adapted to your requirements.

Seifert electronic’s wide standard range includes PC heat sinks in all common designs. From attachable heat sinks made of strip material to profile heat sinks, die-cast heat sinks, finger heat sinks and U-shaped heat sinks, we have a range of different heat sink models as well as the corresponding accessories such as mounting clips for fastening.

Extruded profile heat sinks are considered a classic among the PC board heat sinks. We highly recommend them in the PCB area as they are flexible to use and can dissipate relatively large amounts of heat at once

Flexibly customizable

Our profile heat sinks are available in any desired dimensions for universal operation. Depending on the type of heat sink chosen, we also offer our customers selected CNC machining to give the heat sink surfaces the desired appearance. Our PC heat sinks are available with or without CNC machining, in bright aluminum or with a black or silver anodized surface. Or would you prefer your PC heat sinks to be tin-plated? We will be happy to advise you on all possible designs.

Well thought-through and effective

Many of our PC heat sink variants are supplied ready for installation with hole patterns and solder pins already pressed in. This enables simple assembly and soldering. All mounting types (horizontal, vertical, solder-in or plug-in) are available in different executions and performance classes. Easy-to-solder, tin-plated brass sleeves – with or without attached insulation as an option – make fastening to the printed circuit boards easier. In combination with our tried-and-tested Seifert electronic stainless steel mounting clips, you save valuable time during installation as well as mounting material such as screws, washers or nuts.

Jointly developed

Looking for an effective and efficient cooling solution for your PC board elements? Ready to install, and in a thermally optimized design? When it comes to the optimized cooling of work processes, our PC heat sinks are an effective and economical choice to provide top performance even under extreme conditions. We will be more than happy to advise you regarding a possible machining of our standard products in the PC board elements range for your specific application. If you are cannot find what you are looking for in the large selection of standard products in our catalog, we will be happy to work with you to develop a special solution that is tailored precisely to your cooling application.

With freely configurable profiles and our technical support, we will achieve the maximum possible heat dissipation with PC board elements.

Get in touch! We will give you cool-headed advice.

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