Heat sinks

Variety of profiles for every cooling application

Seifert heat sinks are used for natural and forced cooling. From standard heat sinks to individually machined special profiles, we offer the right heat sink in the desired profile.

he standard heat sinks of Seifert electronic GmbH are classic finned heat sinks. Our customers mainly use them for natural cooling. However, the heat sinks can also be used for forced cooling – with air flow. Thanks to the extensive variety of profiles in our standard range, we can satisfy almost any heat sink requirement. From small transistor coolers to the profile giant for insulated-gate bipolar transistor (IGBT) cooling with a width of up to 900 mm, we offer you the right profile and accessories for almost every application.

Various standards

Whether finned, profile or liquid – we supply our heat sinks in a wide range of profiles, starting with the standard version. Seifert heat sinks are available as classic TO-3 profiles, modular heat sinks and standard comb profiles with heights from 5 mm to 60 mm and widths from 40 mm to more than 400 mm.

Many of our profile heat sinks are designed as so-called comb profiles and can also be used as functional heat sinks. They combine cooling and fastening and also serve as the housing back panel of the component. Thermoplastic fastening elements hold selected profile heat sinks simply and securely in place. Thanks to the side punching of the profiles, they can be attached directly to the heat sink. The insertion of standard hole patterns such as TO-3 or combined perforations is also possible on selected profiles.

Optimum heat sink solution

Where air cooling reaches its limits, our pressure-tested liquid heat sinks are used for efficient heat dissipation through liquids. They are also available in various designs and in small and large-scale production. Do you want the classic extruded profile with drawn channels or would you prefer the cooling channels to be milled? We offer cooling plates with pressed-in or glued-in tubes as an option.

In addition to our standard profiles, we have access to freely configurable profiles that allow further variants to be created without incurring tool costs. We modify existing profile types at the customer’s request to offer the optimum heat sink solution for every application. Whether you require an unmachined profile section or a ready-to-install heat sink with CNC machining already executed and the desired surface treatment, please contact us.

Economical special profiles

If the standard heat sinks in our product catalog do not fully meet your requirements right away, a special profile tailored precisely to your requirements may be a suitable and economical solution. Whether raw material efficiency, fastening or additional functions within the profile – we look forward to the challenge. As we individually tailor each special profile to customer requirements, the right of use is exclusive. Combined with framework agreements, this is an economically appealing alternative to the standard profile – provided that the required quantity is available.

We will be more than happy to advise you – while sinking about your individual requirements.

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