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    Seifert electronic

    Under the ambiguous slogan „The HeatS(th)ink Company“ we manufacture individual heat sinks at our location in Ennepetal: from PC-board small heatsinks to high-performance profile heatsinks up to lamellar heat sinks for forced cooling.

    Electronics and heat
    are like fire and water.

    For more than 50 years Seifert electronic has been realising safe heat dissipation of components and assemblies and thus prevents failures due to of overheating.

    Individual, application-specific heat sinks, precisely matched to the respective requirements and operating conditions are the daily business of Seifert electronic. Seifert direct sales and competent market partners ensure the desired proximity to customers worldwide. In addition to Europe, the focus is also on the USA, South Africa and Asia.

    Take advantage of the competence of Seifert electronic, if you want to efficiently and economically cool…

    Installation of fan units for TO-3 components in the middle of the 60‘s from the beginnings of Seifert electronic.

    A computer-controlled container warehouse provides storage space for 250 tons of high-quality profile heat sinks. Automatic profile saws and brushing machines produce dimensionally accurate and burr-free heat sinks.

    Modern CNC machining centres are the basis for fast delivery of standard and special heat sinks with precisely plane-milled surfaces, customer-specific hole patterns and milling.

    Anodising surface refinements with process computer controlled anodising machine increase the corrosion protection and thermal performance of the
    heat sinks.